Our team

Here at Lucentdrive, we are passionate about creating sustainable energy solutions for a greener future. Our team consists of highly skilled individuals from various backgrounds, including engineering, manufacturing, and renewable energy. We believe that by combining our expertise and innovative ideas, we can make a significant impact in reducing the world's dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Our goal is to provide efficient and affordable energy solutions that not only benefit the environment but also improve the lives of people.

Kishore George

Co-founder & CEO: Responsible for Business & Development, oversees the manufacturing process of sustainable energy products, develops and implements marketing strategies to promote Lucentdrive's sustainable energy solutions,

Phone: +96 6558634791
Email: kishoregeorge@lucent-drive.com

Geethu Joseph

Co-founder & IT Lead: Conducts research and analysis on sustainable energy trends and strategies and IT Development Lead.

Phone: +32 456564749
Email: admin@lucent-drive.com

Noufal VK

Product Development Engineer: Develops and implements strategies for LD wind turbines, from design to testing and industrialization. Specialised in CFD, FEA, and rotor dynamics.

Phone: +91 90370 28281
Email: noufalvk@lucent-drive.com 


Amin Antony

Electrical Lead: Develops and tests microcontroller and alternator design. Specialised in programming and design of PCB & microcontroller.

Phone: +91 90370 28281
Email: amin.antony@lucent-drive.com

Kiran George

Technical specialist- Specialist in electrical and machinery installations, tooling and machining expert with advanced techniques.  

Phone: +91 90370 28281
Email: sales@lucent-drive.com

Sachin Benny

Business developer - Develops projects for large-scale installations, certificates and norms for different countries, conducts energy audits and identifies areas for improvement in energy efficiency, 

Phone: +91 90370 28281
Email: sachin.benny@lucent-drive.com

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