Lucentdrive wind turbines are specifically designed to support Highway recharging stations, Multi-storey buildings, and power supply in remote areas. The wind turbines operate at low wind speeds generation in highly turbulent conditions. Their lightweight and mechanically variable patented design cover enhances power at low to high wind speeds.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions are becoming increasingly important in today's world. With the growing concern over climate change and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, it is crucial to find alternative energy sources. Wind power has emerged as a viable and renewable power source, and its applications are being explored in various industries.

At Lucentdrive, we focus on developing innovative and efficient vertical wind turbines to cope with high energy demand. Over the years, Darrieus Vertical axis wind turbines couldn't penetrate the market due to the high starting torque. However, Savonius wind turbines proved efficient at low wind speeds but failed at high wind speeds due to low efficiency. Here, we introduce both Savonius and Darrieus on the same wind turbine. But, the Savonius wind turbines retract completely at high wind speed (8-10 m/s). Therefore, the highly efficient Darrieus will efficiently work at high wind speed, and the Savonius will reduce the high starting torque at low wind speed. Thus we will have a highly efficient wind turbine at low and high wind speeds.

Our vertical wind turbines are cost-effective solutions for small-scale industries ( rated power of 10 kW to 250 kW) and are profoundly efficient at low wind speeds and highly turbulent conditions. One of the key features of the Lucent drive turbine is its lightweight design and fully automated shape-changing architecture. Two variable designs enhance power generation at low and high speeds, which is apt for highways and multi-storey building.

Features of Lucent-drive wind turbine

  • Single drive to control the fully automated shape-changing architecture. 

  • Lightweight (< 5 kg) Drag or Savonius vertical axis wind turbine

  • Fully automated mechanical locks are designed to be fixed after complete retraction.

  • Two safe modes in case of emergency.
  • Lightweight 4 blades made up of Aluminium alloy`
  • Dustproof with 1 year maintenance. 

  • Darrieus and Savenius shapes can easily be installed separately. 

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